Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wind, Wind... Blow Away.

It's too windy for a hat. AGAIN. But do I care too terribly about that?

No! No!

I'm a hat girl at heart. Wind be darned!

vintage hat- thrifted
NY&Co sweater- thrifted
gray tank- old navy thrifted
Bandage Skirt- Target
Tights- GAP


Kristin...though some still call me Dott... said...

you are too cute! three kids under the age of five in my brood + my not-so-little eight month old nursling has been sucking any and all style right out of my wardrobe, but you are giving me hope!! it's been so long since i've lived in oklahoma though, i have no clue where to look for clothes anymore.

ed said...
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jenny moon said...

i am coming to oklahoma to steal this outfit from you...