Friday, November 21, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fashion at thirty (and a half!) weeks pregnant!

I wore this outfit to my prenatal appointment today. These jeans are stretchy non-maternity jeans from Target that I can still wear down low with a long enough top. The top (my favorite maternity piece) is actually just a simple flow-y spaghetti strap DRESS that hits just above my knees when I'm not preggo. I belted it under my bust and bloused some over the top of the belt, creating a maternity top that is actually long enough and cute!

Boots are from Charlotte Russe- with a low enough heel so I don't feel like a total fool walking around in mega high heels while so big.

Leather jacket was found in the children's section of a thrift store.

Bag is from Ecko Red (via Ross).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting BIGGER.

I'm sorry for the lack of posting as of late, but the store has (obviously) been closed since I started... you know... not fitting into the clothes and whatnot, although I'm sure I could have done well selling 'maternity' items on eBay as well. I just didn't have the desire or energy for it all, however, so a hiatus was in order.

As for pregnancy fashion, I am finding it harder and harder to put outfits together that make me feel 'cute' and 'like myself', so I have had no desire to post shots of them here! I have managed to feel "put together" on a couple of occasions lately, though, and I'll share those outfits with you:

These shots were at 30 weeks pregnant & 29 weeks pregnant respectively. In the top outfit, I am wearing a soft vintage-y tee (from JCPenny's) over a vintage dress. Then I added tights and my clunky boots I found at a thrift store. Last, my cropped jean jacket to top it all off.

In the second photo, I'm wearing a tunic over a dress, with a belt to accentuate the baby bump. I use belts a lot when outfits just feel a little "frumpy".

I will try to post pics more often- I've only got 9 or so weeks to go until this baby is born!