Sunday, April 26, 2009

Harem Pants.

Got these pants recently, and I love them because they are comfy AND stylish. Although, it was windy today and they kept filling up like a hot air balloon.

Not so cute, then.


girl's headband: thrifted, cropped jean jacket: thrifted, t-shirt: forever21, harem pants: forever21, sandals: GAP


hunnybeemay said...

They look cute on you. I love reading your vintage blog. I was once a vintage girl, but not so much anymore. I guess it's just become easier to hop into a pair of levi's and a shirt from the nearest JC Penney! *sigh*

And I'm afraid that flouncy harem pants would not do much for my post-baby thighs!

I saw some cute gladiator sandals at Payless, but they aren't the high ones like you were looking for. Still cute and affordable though. if you have DSW I'd try there. Good luck on your search!

Chelsea Robbins said...

The bird shirt is adorable.
You look comfy. That's all that matters. Comfort and style.