Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Recent Purchases.

I bought these jeans and this jacket from Target yesterday. I've been wanting a pair of skinny acid-washed jeans since Lux came out with some forever ago at Urban Outfitters, but I just couldn't bring myself to cough up $70 for a pair of jeans that looked like I could have found them at a thrift store. So, I've been searching the thrift stores ever since but have found nothing comparable.

The Lux version- $68 at

I was just passing through the clothing section at Target on my way to the other side of the store *ahem* when I glanced over and saw these jeans hanging there in all their gloriousness. I squeed. The price was a much more affordable $19.99, so I grabbed my size and ran.

As for the jacket, it is Issac Mizrahi for Target. While I don't typically like his stuff, I couldn't get over the baggy, wide cut and the cropped trench coat style. It has a metallic shine to it as well, and the big buckles at the wrists add just the right amount of edginess to it. All of my jackets are currently navy or black, and I have been wanting something lighter to throw on over outfits. I can't wait to pair it with short, romantic dresses and tights when the weather finally warms up around here.

I also bought these red wayfarers from eBay... we'll see if they look good on me or if they make me look like I'm trying too hard.


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