Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On Being Tall.

Today is all about the jeans! I ordered these Chip & Pepper jeans from eBay because I needed some that were long enough to wear with my taller shoes. (All my pants turn into clam-diggers when I slip on mah heels.)

These jeans have a whopping 35" inseam- just enough to compensate for the highest wedges I own.

(these ones.)

I am pretty tall- even sans wedges I'm about 5'8, and sometimes I feel bad wearing really tall shoes because I TOWER over some people and then feel like a big, giant jerk face. (In heels.)

(At least they bring me closer to those gorgeous eyes my husband has... he's a tall 6'4.)

Has anyone else ever felt this way? Should I walk tall or ditch the extra height so I'm not looking down at everyone?


Talia said...

I say wear what you like to wear! You're tall and beautiful, be proud of it-- and you certainly shouldn't have to sacrafice cute wedges just because God happened to give you a little extra height. :)
Of course, I am a petite (barely) 5'1", so I don't really know how you feel. But I can tell you that I definitely don't mind being around tall people, even when they are in 4-inch heels! I'm short, they're tall, it's just the way it is. :)

Talia said...

oh, and I forgot to say, I am LOVING your long hair and bangs!

Candace said...

Ok this is hands down my all time favorite outfit posted...of all time!!!! (Is that somewhat repetetive?) and... Your hair looks absolutely beautiful!!!!

Abby said...

omg I am the same height and have the exact same question! I'm almost 5'9 and feel embarrassed when I wear heels, especially since I love stilettos. I think I either have to be comfortable even when people gawk at me, or be shy and not wear them. I haven't decided which one I'll do.

Anonymous said...


im actually a little over 5'10 and used to wear 4 inch platform shoes (in my younger days...)
i cant wear any kind of heels nowadays, thanks to a nice little car accident that broke both my legs, but i'd definitely go for those vintage peeptoes...

anyhow, i say wear them heels and to hell with what people think!


Anonymous said...

oh and i just WISH i could find jeans that long... more so since i quite enjoy the cuffed leg style for straight jeans

still looking though


hope and jo's mom said...

stand question. your beautiful, and you have an amazing figure!

R-becca said...

walk tall my love! Be hot and have fun.

You're lucky you are still shorter than Chris in heels. I am always taller than Randy if a put on ANY heel...but he digs it, so I go with it.

ed said...


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