Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year Fashion.

Hat- JCP
Shirt- Thrift (American Eagle)
Jeans- Levis
Boots- Vintage

Facsinator- Ross
Sweatshirt- Ross
Jeans- F21
Flats- Ross

Jacket- Thrifted ($2!)
Tank- Thrifted
Skinnies- Ross
Boots- F21
Bow- F21

Shirt- F21
Jeans- F21
Boots- F21

I'm thinking about taking these boots back. They seem like maybe a little TOO much boot. But I can't decide. Thoughts?


Ali said...

I like them ALOT! I want them! I cant believe you got them at F21!

Anonymous said...

I like them, but they seem to be a little too much for your petite frame.

Emery Jo said...

anon- I feel the same way. I took them back and got a cardigan and two pairs of pants!

i'm glad i did. :)

Kyrene said...

Fab outfits!

Rachael said...

Love your outfits as always! They're very inspiring!
I came across this girl's blog and thought of you, especially this one where she pairs a blazer with a large animal print tee and skirt:

aliiiiiive said...

These outfits are great!

Katie said...

LOVE those boots! Hope you decided to keep! :)