Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fashionable Nursing Options.

Option One: Find a stretchy leotard and pair it with cute skirts or trousers. This leotard is vintage (as is the skirt), but you can find similar bodysuits at American Apparel. They are so stretchy that you can just pull each side down to nurse.

Option Two: Raid your hubby's closet for a button up plaid shirt. All you need is a cute fitted jacket and some leggings to pull a look together- and the buttons make nursing a breeze!

Option Three: Make those flowy tops look more 'pulled together' by adding a skinny belt. When it comes time to nurse, just unclip the belt and your roomy top becomes the perfect nursing cover!


Mrs. Priss said...

SUCH good ideas, thank you! I work full time and have to go feed my daughter on my lunch breaks, so these are great options for work/nursing. :)

Karen, Scott, & Jared said...

are you sure you just had a baby?! you look great! :-)