Monday, December 1, 2008

Casual Pregnant Fashion

Eight months (32 weeks) pregnant! This is what I wore today to run some errands. It was comfy, but I am feeling extra BIG lately and the smallest tasks are becoming difficult to manage. I'm so ready to meet this little guy!!

Hat, Scarf & Rainboots: Vintage thrifted
Maternity shirt and Jeans: Gifted (Jeans are Old Navy)
Black belly Band: just an old Stretchy tank top around my midsection.
Bag: Echo Red (from Ross)


Drayden and Mom said...

Sooo cute!!!

Hunny Bee said...

I want that bag!

Hita said...

pregnant n always stylish! you're my role model!! x0x0

Estela said...

LOVE the hat!!