Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Maternity Romper

I found this strapless romper at Old Navy yesterday for $9. It was stuffed in the maternity section, although I don't think it's a maternity item, but it's going to work great for my growing belly! It's got a drop waist- which works perfectly for under the tummy. Plus- It's so comfy! I added a scarf and some strappy sandals to accent it. (It's kindof bland on its own.)

Maternity tip Numero Uno: Try to avoid the maternity section unless you are in need of basics. (Jeans or pants mainly.) There are so many elastic waisted skirts, long tops, and flowy empire dresses out there that you almost never have to buy maternity. Maternity is overpriced and very limiting- so remember to look elsewhere FIRST, and get creative!

Romper: Old Navy
Scarf: Target
Sandals: Target

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Hunny Bee May said...

Nice. I found some great tops at Target recently for very cheap. Not maternity, just sort of flowy, baby-dollish t-shirts for between $4-$7. They're long and loose and come in great colors. Love em'.
I have found I do prefer maternity clothes over elastic regular ones for bottoms, just for comfort but I always search online in the clearance sections for deals. Gap has some great stuff too, in clearance online. Motherhood has jeans for only $20.
Love that you're covering maternity. Great idea!